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Contact person
Petra Lönn - This is a mailto link

Competition time
Friday 8:00 to 17:00 Group Stage
Saturday 8:00 to 14:00 Finals

Competition classes
• Men
• Men 35
• Women
• Mixed - At least two players of each gender on the field at the same time

At least four teams are required in both the HS or H35 for both classes to be implemented. The fewer notifications switched classes together to HS.

Competition Rules - General
Swedish Football Association's rulebook for 7-a-side football for.
Game time is 2x20 minutes for men and 2x15 minutes for women, mixed and men 35.
Each team has the right to enter any number of players to the tournament and returned to
Secretariat before the start of the tournament. For each match total of 13 players
The number of players on the field are seven, including one goalkeeper.
Replacement of outfield players may take place during the game, and takes place at the midline. Keeping Bandwidth
only in conjunction with the whistle and the referee's approval. crossbar applied
instead of throw-ins. Goals can not be done directly on the crossbar.


Competition form
Each class is determined either as a series or in group play depending on the number of participating teams. Qualifying rounds take place on Friday and finals on Saturday.

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