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Hunting shooting will take place löraden Aug. 31 at the shooting facility at Skogssäter, about 7 km from the center of Trollhättan.

Contact person
Pelle Larsson - This is a mailto link
Björn Amundsson - This is a mailto link
Competition time
Saturday 9:00 to 13:00  

Competition classes

• Nordic Trap Individually
• Moose Shooting Individually
• Hunting Shooting Individually

Competition Rules
Swedish Shooting Sport Federation's rules. Permitted firearms are shotguns 12 gauge or 16 and hail size US27 with maximum weight of 24 grams. Two series (2x25 pigeons). No sighting.

Moose Shooting slid under Swedish Hunters Association rules. Shooting against solid and ongoing targets. The shooting comes a 10 ringed target used.
Weapon: Class 1 weapons, rifles approved for elk hunting. Two series against fixed targets and two series against the current target. Four shots per game. No sighting.


The end result in Nordic Trap is the total number of hit pigeons after two series.


The end result in Moose shooting is the combined resultant firing points after four series.


The end result of hunting shooting is the result obtained in Moose Shooting and three points for each hit dove in Nordic Trap. Shoot-offs should be resorted to only for running the master and takes the form of "sudden death", in Nordic Trap one shot at a time until the distinctive present. Individual shoot-off in Moose Shooting and Hunting Shooting takes place against ongoing targets.

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